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From Our Customers

I had a pipe which burst in my up-stairs bathroom. Fast Dry Restoration responded immediately, and quickly dried my ceiling and my kitchen downstairs. I couldn’t be more thankful for them to be there and prevent further damage. They just knew what to do and I really really appreciate that. They later reconstructed a beautiful new kitchen for me. I highly recommend them.

Maxine B. - Homeowner  

Can’t thank Fast Dry enough. We had a major roof leak and destroyed our entire carpet and living room. The team responded quickly and were able to dry things our right away, and we were able to salvage a few things along the way. They followed up afterwards, to make sure we were okay, and helped us handle the process very quickly.

A.D. - Homeowner  

Austin Water Damage Restoration and Water Removal Services

In no time at all, water can seep into and can wreak havoc on a property and the contents contained within it. Even just an inch of water is enough to destroy carpets, warp hardwood floors and cabinets, and ruin furniture and personal belongings. If the water is removed fast enough by a professional water damage company then it is possible to salvage those items. If the water is not cleaned up all the way, or is allowed to sit, it can cause even more damage and make it even more expensive to cleanup and restore. Allowing the water to stay can lead to mold, which is a more in-depth, complex issue to handle. You need to address the water problem right away in order to prevent more problems from happening.

From water removal and extraction to complete restoration, from any emergency that may arise, whether it be broken or leaky pipes, sink overflow, toilet overflow, bathtub overflow, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher overflow, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, or hardwood floor water damage, our water damage restoration specialists in Austin TX are highly trained and certified in the latest home water damage restoration and remediation techniques and technology.

Fast Dry is a water damage restoration company that services Austin TX and the surrounding areas. If you are in need of water damage repair or one of our other water damage services, give us a call today at (855) 200-7825.

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Water Damage Restoration Austin TX

Trained and Certified Water Damage Technicians

All of the Austin technicians at Fast Dry have been trained in fast response for all water damage situations, performing professional water damage cleanup and removal that is mandated by IICRC regulations. Addressing a water damage problem within 24-48 hours is extremely important when it comes to lessening the damage and preventing even larger issues, like the growth of mold, from occurring.

Water Damage Cleanup & Repair

Fast Dry will thoroughly dry out all of the water in your home or business with our state-of-the-art drying equipment, as well as finding and locating any moisture that may be hidden from sight. When we arrive, we will assess the situation with an in-depth inspection and then start removing the water and drying out your property. With the best restoration equipment available, our water damage restoration specialists proceed with removing all of the water and drying out all affected areas, structures, and contents. We have the best air blowers, movers, dehumidifiers, cleaning solutions, monitoring and detection devices to guarantee that we can restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

24/7 Water Damage Services in Austin TX

No matter if you had large-loss from sudden storm damage, crawl space water damage, or have some broken pipe water damage or even just leaky pipe water damage, It’s important to handle the matter as soon as possible to prevent further damage from happening to your Austin property. When you need emergency water removal, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture is eliminated.

We will be with you through every part of the process including the water extraction, water restoration, and many other water removal services that are fitted to your situation. We use all available water mitigation services to give you the best residential or commercial property restoration. Get started on your water damage cleanup today by calling Fast Dry.

Austin Sewage Damage Cleanup

Austin sewage damage can contain high amounts of harmful bacteria. It’s important that you do not try to clean up a mess from any broken pipes that are connected to a sewage line. In addition to the overbearing stench created, other problems such as fungi, viruses, and other pathogens can create serious health hazards. If sewage cleanup and removal is not handled right away, the sewage can cause major structural damage which can be extremely expensive to repair.

Only Fast Dry’s trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal. Our team of certified experts have years of experience resolving various sewage cleanup and repair problems. When you need sewage backup cleanup, our team has what it takes to return your home to the way you want it.


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Fast Dry Water Damage is located at 13359 North 183 HWY Suite 406-664, Austin, TX 78750. Call us today at (855) 200-7825.

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